Let’s do yoga together, anytime, anywhere!

Do yoga from any location and anytime that you want with always live guidance.
That is possible with my unique live online yoga classes.

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Experience what yoga can do for you

It’s great that you are visiting my website! If you are a fan of (hatha) yoga or want to start yoga, you have come to the right place. In a unique way I teach my down-to-earth classes: Live Online. in 2018 I was the first to introduce these type of classes in Europe. You can follow the classes from any location that you like, for example at home. It is just like Netflix, but without being an couch potato.

This is what you can expect of my classes

My classes are an ideal balance between effort and relaxation exercises that ensure that your body feels great and a big smile appears on your face. This is what my yoga classes bring you:

  • Gives the immune system and metabolism a boost: it makes you physically healthier.
  • Increases flexibility in joints and muscles: you get your natural flexibility back.
  • It strengthens the muscles: your overall body posture improves.
  • It helps clear your mind: you experience more peace and relaxation. 


Which membership suits you

To make it easy for you, I offer you three different memberships. All memberships give unlimited access to all my live online yoga classes and yoga specials. And every membership always stops automatically; you are therefore not committed to anything afterwards. Below I briefly explain the difference between the three memberships:

  • Namasté Membership: ideal for if you have never done yoga before and to get acquainted with my live online yoga classes. This membership gives you seven days unlimited access.
  • Cobra Membership: you enjoy yoga and my live online yoga classes and do not want to buy a Namasté Membership every week. With the Cobra Membership you save more than 60% and you have unlimited access for six months. You pay a fixed amount per month and the first month is free.
  • Warrior Membership: you love yoga and my classes and you don’t want to miss a single class: the Warrior Membership is the best choice. You save more than 70% and have 12 months unlimited access. Also with this membership you receive the first month for free.


Do you want to know more about the memberships? Then click on a membership below and see what the membership of your choice looks like shown to you with text and videos. I look forward to doing live online yoga with you! Do you have questions? You can always contact me via chat, mail and telephone. Want to know more about me as a yoga teacher and what I thought of my very first yoga class? Then click here.


See you soon online, Namasté! Esther Schippers, Your Online Yoga Trainer