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Free Online Yoga: ervaar wat yoga voor jouw gezondheid kan doen! Yoga is een geweldige manier om te werken aan jouw fysieke en mentale gezondheid. En wanneer je online yoga doet, heb daar nog een aantal extra voordelen bij. Zo kies je zelf de duur en intensiteit van de yoga les. Ook bepaal jij waar en wanneer je een les doet. Daarnaast kun je niet afgeleid worden door anderen. Of in een te volle zaal zitten. Dit is wat je van mijn online lessen kunt verwachten:

  • Geeft het immuunsysteem en stofwisseling een boost: je wordt er fysiek gezonder van.
  • Vergroot de souplesse in gewrichten en spieren: je krijgt je natuurlijke flexibiliteit terug.
  • Het versterkt de spieren: je algehele lichaamshouding verbetert.
  • Het helpt het hoofd leeg maken: je ervaart meer rust en ontspanning.

Hieronder vind je 6 free online yoga classes. Je bent van harte uitgenodigd deze te proberen. Iedere yoga les heeft een korte beschrijving. En ook het aantal minuten is aangeven.

Let op: mijn lessen zijn in het Engels. En no worries wanneer je de taal niet volledig machtig bent. Want door mijn heldere uitleg, kun jij met gemak de lessen volgen. Probeer het maar. Scroll naar beneden voor de free online yoga classes. Of maak gebruik van een Free Yoga Membership van één jaar

The benefits of online yoga

Yoga is a great way to work on your physical and mental health. And when you do yoga online, you have a few additional benefits. With online yoga,  you choose the duration and intensity of the yoga class. You also decide where and when you do a class. In addition, you cannot be distracted by others or sit in a too crowded room. This is what you can expect from my yoga classes:

  • Gives the immune system and metabolism a boost: it makes you physically healthier.
  • Increases flexibility in joints and muscles: you get your natural flexibility back.
  • It strengthens the muscles: improves your overall posture.
  • It helps to clear the head: you experience more peace and relaxation.

Below are 6 free online yoga classes to try. Each yoga class has a short description. And the number of minutes are indicated too. My classes are in English. You are warmly invited to try them. Or to make use of a Free Yoga Membership of one year.

6 Free Yoga Classes

Free Online Yoga | 60 min | Absolutely Fantastic

  • Allround hatha yoga class with a nice mix of poses that will make your body, mind and soul feel absolutely fantastic.

Free Online Yoga | 22 min | No More Back Pain

  • Back pains are the most common physical complaints world wide. This online yoga class holds a selection of the most effective yoga poses that will reduce current back pains. And prevent future ones. 

Free Online Yoga | 18 min | Tension Free Shoulders

  • Throughout the day we build up tension in the body. For example the shoulders. When experiencing stress, we tend to pull them up towards the ears. This online yoga class will help relax the shoulder. Which will release all build up tension. And increase your mobility.

Free Online Yoga | 19 min | Stretchalicious

  • Stretching is most important to the body. It helps to prevent injuries. Plus keeps all muscles and joints fit. On top of that: a flexible body, means a flexible mind. So increase your resilience with these yoga poses.

Free Online Yoga | 7 min | No More Bloated Belly

  • After a meal it can happen that the belly gets bloated. This breathing technique will improve your overall digestion. And reduces a bloated belly. 

Free Online Yoga | 1 min | Zensational

  • This easy meditation exercise you can do anytime and anywhere. It helps to silence the mind and calm your energy.
  • Yoga and meditation are linked to each other. With meditation comes the ability to react from calmness. And increased mental awareness.With yoga comes the ability to de-stress the body. And increased physical awareness. The combination emphasizes both. 

More Yoga For You To Enjoy

Great news if you have enjoyed the online yoga classes on this page. There are more! Over 250 classes are ready for you on my online yoga platform. Each with a different theme. And all are beneficial for your health.

There are 6 different categories to select your yoga and meditation classes from. Next to pre-recorded yoga classes, there are live online classes. Which you can follow from any device: phone, laptop tablet and on TV.

Weekly two new classes are added to the 100%YOGA online platform. Which you can access with a membership. If you are interested in that or want more information just click here.

I look forward to seeing you soon, online. Namaste, Esther | Your Online Yoga Teacher

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Esther Schippers is a yoga expert and vitality coach. Her company 100%YOGA has a number one position on Google. After having two physical studios, she was the first to introduce live online yoga in Europe in 2018. With her online yoga platform she wants to inspire as many people as possible to further enrich their health with a down to earth yoga style. “I like to share my knowledge. Explaining the purpose of a yoga pose; where you should and should not feel it. It contributes to a better understanding of the pose. In addition, not everyone is equally flexible. Which is certainly not necessary. Because with every pose I give several alternatives. So that you can not only participate in every class and determine the intensity yourself. But also experience all the health benefits of yoga,” says Esther. For more about Esther, click here. 

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