Let’s do yoga together! 

Congratulations, you have made a great choice and I am so happy that you are joining my Live Online Yoga Class! Here is some important information about the class you have booked.


Important stuff: you really want to read this! 

  • You can join the live online yoga class via the video below at the end of this page.
  • You can repeat this class as often as you want for a 7 days, by using this same page and clicking on the replay button in the yoga class. The replay button will be visible after class.

This is what you need for class

Here are a few tips to make this live online class into great yoga experience:

  • Wear comfortable clothes in which you can move easily for example: shorts, legging, sweat pants, long sleeve or pyjamas. No one can see you 🙂
  • Use a yoga mat if you have got one. If not, an alternative can be to use a carpet or large towel.
  • Try not to eat at least two hours before class or eat light food such as fruits or salads. Drinking water or tea before and after class is always a good idea.
  • Switch off all devices, besides the one you are using for this class of course. This class is about having a moment for yourself, treat it as such.
  • It can be nice to have music playing in the background softly during class. Now maybe not heavy metal music 😉 but any kind that you find relaxing. Below this page you will find my Spotify music suggestion for this class which you can play and download for free. 
  • Last and most important thing is YOU. Truly be present during this class and you will be able to relax, enjoy, regenerate and experience my yoga magic.


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Live Online Yoga Class

You can join the live online class via this video, see below.

  • Please note: although the video always starts automatically as soon as I go live, you may still have to press the play button. This depends on your browser and which device you use to join this class.
  • If you have any questions: call, mail, app or chat with me. I am here if you need me!

I really hope you will enjoy my yoga class and if so I would like to let you know that memberships are available:

  • Giving you unlimited access to all live classes and additional theme classes.
  • The first month is free and on top of that you save more than 70% compared to single classes.
  • If you want learn more about the memberships, please click here.

I am looking forward to meeting you in class online!


Music Suggestion

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