Warrior Membership – 12 months unlimited live online yoga

10,00 / month for 12 months with a 30-day free trial and a 0,01 sign-up fee

Unlimited access to all live online yoga classes and yoga specials



Warrior Membership

You love yoga and my live online yoga classes and you don’t want to miss a single class: the Warrior Membership is the best choice. Below you will find all information about this membership: what the content is and how it works. Have you never done yoga or attended my live online classes? Then click here. If you have already done so, read on.

What is the Warrior Membership  

During your Warrior Membership you have 12 months unlimited access to all my live online yoga classes and yoga specials. Every week new yoga classes are added to your membership automatically. You can follow these classed anytime and from any location that suits you best. And you can repeat as many times as you want. With the Warrior Membership you save more than 70% compared to the Namasté Membership. And very nice: the first month is free!

This is what the membership looks like

Once you have activated your Warrior Membership, you can easily log in via the website by clicking on the “Inloggen Abonnees” button. You then log in with your e-mail address and a password you created yourself. The following screen appears:

This main page gives you an overview of your membership. It is a cool page giving you an overview of all important information such as:

  • Duration of your membership and overview of payments.
  • Your own contact details: which you can change if necessary.
  • And of course access to your membership via the Memberships button.
  • Here you find the nicest button, named ‘Members Only. Because that is where all the yogalicious goodies are: all live online yoga classes and yoga specials. Tip: when you are logged in on this page, save your data. This ensures that you will arrive directly on this page the next time you log in.


On this page of your Warrior Membership I welcome you first and have added a few useful shortcuts:

  • Under the heading NEWEST’ you will find the newest live online yoga class and the latest yoga special.
  • Under the headingMEMBERS FAVORITE’ you will find the two yoga classes that were done the most in the past month.
  • And under those headings an overview of all previously given live online yoga classes and yoga specials. Each class has a short description of the content and the number of minutes it takes.

Watch this video and see what your Warrior Membership looks like:

Yoga Specials 

These classes last 2 to a maximum of 25 minutes and show you yoga poses for a specific purpose. For example yoga for runners: with great poses that benefit the back, hips and legs. Or poses that reduce the tension in the neck and shoulders. View this free yoga special. Sometimes we have days that nothing really seems to work out and motivation is gone. These yoga poses will give your motivation a boost!


Activating your Warrior Membership

Activating the membership is very easy: only once you create an account for the symbolic amount of €0,01 (one cent) and that’s it. Take the following steps to activate:

  • You click on the WORD ABONNEE’ button at the top of this page.
  • You click on the ‘Checkout’ button and enter your details: name, e-mail address plus a self-created password. You use this password to log into your membership.
  • After payment you can immediately roll out your yoga mat, because you can log in directly into your membership. Hooray, Namasté!

Nice to know: by e-mail you will receive a confirmation of activating your membership with your username and also the link from which you can log in.


Overview Warrior Membership – €10,- per month

After reading the above you undoubtably want to activate your Warrior Membership. Here is a brief overview why that is an excellent choice:

  • 12 months unlimited access to all unique live online yoga classes and yoga specials.
  • Every week new yoga classes are automatically added to your membership.
  • You can take each classes as often as you want and at a time that suits you best.
  • You follow the classes from a location that you like; relaxed from home for example.
  • You create an account once and you do not have to worry about it.
  • You save more than 70% with the Warrior Membership compared to the Namasté Membership.
  • The membership ends automatically and the first month is free.
  • In short: a great membership with lots of benefits! Go for it!

Do you have questions? You can contact met via telephone, whatsapp, mail and chat. I am here for you if you need me.


 I am looking forward to doing yoga with your: anytime, anywhere!


Not up for 12 months? Then choose the Cobra Membership; you save more than 60% and get six months unlimited access to all my live online yoga classes and yoga specials. Have you never done yoga before? Then try the Namasté Membership first and get an accessible introduction to yoga and my live online yoga classes for seven days unlimited.


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