Challenge yourself with 5 days of yoga 

Reading time: 7 minutes

Summer is coming and that is a great time to do some (additional) exercising. So challenge yourself with this 5 Days Yoga Challenge!

Day 1 – Morning Routine | 16 minutes

This morning workout trains the entire body. You can do all poses either 10 or 20 times depending on how intense you want the workout to be.

Day 2 – Vitality Booster | 10 minutes

This quick yoga routine include poses that will give your immune system a healthy boost.

Day 3 – Shoulders & Wrists  | 8 minutes

When scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, doing online shopping or texting with your BFF for hours, it has an negative effect on the shoulders and wrists. This workout routine of 7 minutes will keep increase mobility and keep you fit.

Day 4 – Back Routine | 7 minutes

This yoga flow will strengthen the back muscles and keep them flexible and pain free. Enjoy!

Day 5 – Legs Workout | 7 minutes

These 5 specific yoga poses are highly effective to train the legs. Which pose do you find most intense? I find number 5 a challenging one.


Do you want to start your day really relaxing? Then this yoga class is a must do! Every Friday I give live online yoga and recently I gave a this class. The theme is “Relaxation” and we gently stretch the body and finish with a very nice calming end meditation.

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Meditation Guide

Yoga is a form of meditation. To the rhythm of the inhalation and exhalation, you move from one yoga pose to another. This gives you more control over the body and thus physical health. The rhythm of breathing also plays an essential role in meditation; focusing on it makes it easier to get to grips with the flow of thoughts in the brain and that increases mental health.

One can do without the other, but together they are a great tool for your mental and physical balance.

Do you want to start meditating? Then this blog is a must read! Includes 2 free meditations and an 8-minute yoga class that helps to prepare you for meditation.

Esther Schippers was the first yoga teacher to introduce live online yoga in Europe. You follow her live online classes via a membership of your choice that give you unlimited access to her online platform filled with yoga classes, theme classes and meditations. Esther lives in Kijkduin, The Hague and starts her day daily with 10 minutes of meditation followed by a walk on the beach. She lives with the love of her life Jeroen and they regularly cook together and try new vegan dishes.