Holiday; a period of relaxation and of not having to do anything. Relaxation is extremely important. It gives your body the ability to recharge and recover. Taking a break ensures that, among other things, the metabolism and immune system work better and that the brain can also function better. But how do you switch on the relax button from one moment to the next? Emptying your head and bringing your attention to the present moment can sometimes feel like a challenge. There are monks who train for years to master a relaxed state of mind. You may not have that time (or patience) and you don’t have to, because with these three short exercises you immediately get instant relaxation.

Exercise 1 – Relax with 2 minutes of exercise

A Sun Salutation is an ideal exercise as a warming up for all muscles, tendons and joints. Starting your day with the a Sun Salutation helps you monitoring your focus. At the end of the day this is a great way to relax the body. In this video I will explain step by step how to do the a Sun Salutation. During filming, I unexpectedly received a visit from a dog, who immediately took part in the exercises.

Exercise 2 – Relax with 8 minutes of music

Music has long been known to be relaxing for the human body. Scientists from Mindlab in the UK did research into it and came to a surprising discovery. The music track “Weightless” from Marconi Union has a big effect on the participants. “The fear level went down by no less than 65 percent,” said Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson, who was involved in the tests. The secret of the song? “It has a rhythm that starts at 60 beats per minute and slows slowly to 50 beats per minute,” said Lyz Cooper of the British Academy of Sound Therapy. “As you listen, your heart rate drops slowly until it is aligned with that beat. This in turn leads to a reduction in blood pressure. Because there is no repeating melody in it, your brain can switch itself off completely, because they don’t always try to predict what will follow.”

Exercise 3 – Relax with 5 minutes of meditation

Meditation is hot! More and more people try and benefit from it. It requires some patience to be able to meditate. The trick is repetition. The more you do it, the more it can get into routine and the easier it will be. A big advantage of meditation is that you always will do it right. Meditation is not meant to keep your head still, it is a means by which you learn to observe which thoughts are in your head and how your body feels. When you do that with attention, the thoughts get an overview and that immediately brings the feeling of relaxation. In this video I explain step by step a meditation exercise that focuses on relaxation.


Years ago, yoga helped me to recover after a heavy medical procedure. I was so impressed by this sport that I followed a yoga teacher training and started a yoga company. Nowadays many hundreds (inter) national participants following my classes (which I find extremely cool!). Are you looking for advice or do you have a question about one of the videos? Let me know! You can find my contact details here.

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