When being sleep-deprived the quality of your work and life decreases. The skin is the first place that will show you are sleep-deprived as it is the largest organ of the body. Make sure you get seven to nine hours. That is the amount of hours a human body needs to recover on a daily basis. Not able to get this amount of hours during working days? Try to challenge yourself to do it. This tips will help you to sleep with more ease:

  • This video shows you a relaxing exercise to help fall into a deep and relaxing sleep.
  • Clear your mind and for five minutes wright down all your thoughts on paper before going to bed.
  • Hydrate the body prior to going to bed; prepare some calming chamomile of peppermint tea before sleeping.
  • A smoothing sent had a direct relaxing effect on the mind and body. It helps to clear the mind and reduce the feeling of stress; dab a drop of lavender on a tissue and place it on your pillow.
  • Excluded unnecessary external sounds and turn your phone off (or put it on silent) and don’t look on your phone one hour before going to sleep.

Motivation Monday

Every Monday is Motivation Monday. On my blog page I share a poem, quote or assignment to start the week positive including my own experience and tips. Have a happy Monday, have a happy week!

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