De-Stress Instant

This week I share a De-Stress Breathing Exercise that you can do at any time. Give yourself a relaxing break with this exercise!


When we experience stress our breathing automatically changes. The more stress, the higher the breathing will be towards the chest. The most natural way for the body to breath is towards the abdomen. Today’s video holds an exercise in which you can experience the difference between breathing towards the chest and the abdomen. Knowing this difference will increase awareness on your own current stress levels and how to take care of them. Do you want to know more about breathing? Then check out this blog:The secret of breathing.”

Yoga blog

My blog is awarded “Best Yoga Blog 2019”. Every Wednesday I share my yoga tips in a fun video. Do you want to increase your flexibility, sleep better or just have more fun with the daily things you do? Then mark Wednesdays in your calender!


Years ago, yoga helped me to recover after a heavy medical procedure. I was so impressed by this sport that I followed a yoga teacher training and started my own yoga company. Nowadays many (inter) national participants follow my classes (which I find extremely cool!). Are you looking for advice or do you have a question about this blog? Let me know! You can find my contact details here.

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