The best locations for beach yoga

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Although the borders of a number of countries have been reopened, we will spend the summer holidays more domestically this year. And the weather forecasts are good. So that makes it ideal for beach yoga. Because the Dutch beaches are ideal for it! In this blog you will learn surprising facts about the Dutch beaches and of course at which locations you can do beach yoga.

Dutch beaches

Although the Netherlands does not have summer temperatures all year round, at least three quarters of the year the weather is perfect for beach yoga. Below are some surprising facts about Dutch beaches:


  • The Dutch coast is 432 kilometres long. It consists of 82% sand. The rest mainly consists of human structures, such as sea walls.
  • To maintain the coastline as much as possible, we move 12 million cubic meters of sand every year. This comes from places a few kilometres outside the coast.
  • The beach of Schiermonnikoog has the largest average width (430 meters) in the Netherlands. Terschelling comes in second with 270 meters. The Zeeland beaches are the narrowest: that of Vlissingen is only fifteen meters wide.
  • Fortunately, we do not notice it, but underneath the towel you lie on at the beach or the yoga mat on which you do beach yoga, about eight million microscopic animals crawl. In total, about fifty different species of animals live on the beach that are larger than one millimetre.

In the sun

Many of us know that practicing yoga brings many health benefits. And in combination with the sun, there are even more. Beach yoga is the way to go for an extra boost of vitamin D. In addition, sunlight has a cholesterol-lowering effect. And sunlight also improves the oxygen level in the blood, which keeps all body tissue fit and healthy.

Rub it on

But don’t forget to apply sun lotion during a beach yoga session! Even on days when it is partly or completely cloudy, it is a good idea to apply some before heading off to your beach yoga class. About 80% of the UV radiation also reaches you when it is cloudy. Now most of us are economical greasers. Because research shows that on average only a quarter to half actually use the required amount. And less sun lotion also means less protection. And sun lotions with factor 50 is not necessary. As research shows that a SPF 50 offers only 1% more protection compared to a SPF 30.

Beach yoga clothes

During your beach yoga session you naturally want to put on comfortable clothes. That could be your bikini, but if you want it to be a little less airy and more covered, HOESSEE offers you wonderful options. HOESSEE is a specialist in sustainable yoga clothing made from recyclable materials. And that’s a good thing! Because every hundred meters of Dutch beach has an average of about 400 pieces of waste. HOESSEE converts this waste into sustainable yoga clothing. By choosing an outfit from HOESSEE you not only make yourself happy, but you also contribute to cleaner beaches and a better environment. In the beach yoga videos on this blog you can see me shining in one of my favourite outfits from HOESSEE. But there are many more prints and colors. Click here for a complete overview.

Beach yoga locations

There are more than 60 different locations on the Dutch coasts where beach yoga is given. On the website of Buiten-Yoga you can easily do a search and find out where there is a location near you.


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Esther was the first yoga teacher in Europe to introduce live online yoga in 2018. The beach is one of her favourite places to sunbathe, do beach yoga and to chill out with a nice drink and vegan snack. Esther lives in The Hague and is on the beach almost every day.
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