Keep your back flexible and healthy with these poses!

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The back muscles are one of the largest muscle groups that the body has. Sitting during work or binge watching is an inactive position for the body. Which has a negative effect on the back muscles and on the overall fitness of the body. The results are stiff muscles, RSI complaints and even a slower metabolism.

Actively training the back muscles improves the overall body posture, prevents injuries & RSI complaints and gives your metabolism a boost. In short, it is a good idea to activate the back muscles more often!


Yoga for the back

In 2018 I was the first to introduce live online yoga in Europe. Nowadays this type of classes are indispensable. Every Friday from 09:00-10: 00 hours CET I teach live online yoga. A 60-minute class that you can follow relaxed from your home via a (free) membership. Each week the theme of the class varies, such as pose for more flexibility or a better night’s sleep.

On March 20th, 2020, the theme was the back and upper body. These poses help to keep your back flexible and healthy. You can do this 60-minute class for free by clicking on the video below. Do you have a taste for yoga after doing this class? Then scroll down to the header “BONUS” and read how to receive an online membership for free.

Did you know that the online yoga studio of 100%YOGA works on solar energy?


What yoga does 

Scientific studies all show that yoga has a very positive effect on the body and brain. Doing yoga regularly, makes these positive effects last longer. This is what you can expect from yoga: an ideal balance between exercise and relaxation exercises that makes your body feel great and a big smile appears on your face. This is what my yoga classes bring you:

  • Boosts the immune system and metabolism: it makes you physically healthier.
  • Increase flexibility in joints and muscles: you regain your natural flexibility.
  • It strengthens the muscles: your overall body position improves.
  • It helps clear the head: you experience more rest and relaxation.


Yoga class of 20th March 

14 minutes

Don’t have time to take a 60-minute class? No problem! Take a look at this blog: I selected 14 yoga poses that effectively counteract the negative effects of sitting. They keep the back fit and flexible and each pose only takes up one minute of your time.



Since we are more at home than ever before, it has become even more important to stay physically active for positive physical and mental wellness. I would like to inspire as many people as possible to keep moving and therefore as of now my live online yoga studio is available for free anyone who is interested and/or home bounded.

With the code “HEALTHYHOME” you receive a free Namasté Membership. This membership gives you seven days of unlimited access to all live online yoga classes, yoga specials and the online yoga library of 100% YOGA. Which is filled with even more yoga theme classes, podcasts and meditations. New material is added to the library weekly. Via this link together with the code “HEALTHYHOME” you can activate your Namasté Membership for free:



Please note that this code has limitations on the amount of free Namasté Memberships.  
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BIO Esther Schippers – Owner 100%YOGA

After setting up two physical yoga studios, Esther decided to completely change course in 2018 and focus on online. Esther was the first to introduce live online yoga in Europe. Participants take a relaxed interactive yoga class from the comfort and safety of their own home and at a time that suits them. The classes can be followed from their phone, tablet, laptop and TV with internet connection. “It’s just like Netflix, but without being a couch potato,” says Esther. Click here to take a look into her online yoga studio.

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