The reason why I teach yoga

My name is Esther Schippers, yogi and founder of 100%YOGA. On the mat is where I am happiest; free from physical, self-conceived or socially imposed restrictions. Yoga has taught me to accept my body and listen to it. By doing alternative exercises my body became stronger and at the same time my vulnerability developed into a strength.

Feeling this ‘freedom of possibility’ is my greatest treasure
and the intrinsic motivation behind my yoga company.

In my classes this renders by offering multiple alternatives for each posture. This means that everyone, regardless of age, from beginner to advanced, with or without physical disabilities, can join my classes. Authenticity is what makes you unique, which I think we should accentuate, instead of comparing with the standards of others. For years I have thought that my body was weak.

Experiencing the body is capable of more than expected
increases the feeling of happiness.

At the age of six a tumor had grown into my spine which had to be surgically removed through the stomach to increase the chance of survival. The operation was successful, but brought complications; two scar corrections where necessary over a period of ten years. In total my core muscles have been cut throught three times, which makes them less strong. Yoga gives me the experiencing that you are capable of more than expected which increases the feeling of happiness. That is why I am a yogi and yoga for me is the fundament of a healthier and happier lifestyle. It is my mission to convey the feeling of possibilities and to inspire you to be your unique, authentic self.

Join me and experience my yoga classes!