The reason why I teach yoga

Esther’s bio in short

  • Born in 1980 in Rotterdam and living in The Hague for over 10 years.
  • Energetic, cheerful lady and down-to-earth yoga teacher.
  • Hatha Yoga teacher since 2011. Training followed at Yoga Point.
  • Owner of 100% YOGA: the first studio to introduce live online yoga in Europe.
  • Substitue yoga teacher at Westvliet and Solid Yoga & Wellness.
  • Awarded Best Yoga Blog in 2019 by international lifestyle brand Ana Heart.
  • Officially appionted as the Hague Treasure in 2018.
  • In 2018 interview in national magazine Vrouw of deTelegraaf.
  • Yoga Blogger at PinkOnline and NiceDay.

The reason why I am a yoga teacher

Honestly, I thought yoga was not for me. The image that I had of yoga was, to put it mildly, a vague setting: a room smelling of incense and you visualizing being a leaf on a tree that moves on the rhythm of the wind. Not really what I was up for as a down to earth Dutchie. But I followed the doctor’s advice and after a first class I became an instant fan.

Not because of an out-of-body-experience or spiritual awakening, but immediately after class I felt much better. So much I wanted to do more of it and with it. And now years later I am a certified Hatha yoga teacher with my own studio. Who would have thought that!? Not me. My name is Esther Schippers and this is my (yoga) story.


In America live online yoga has been a phenomenon for years. In 2018 I was the first to introduce Live Online Yoga in Europe. Live online yoga gives you the freedom to do yoga from any location and time that suits you best. It is just like Netflix, but without being an couch potato 🙂 Click on the video below to take a look in my online studio. Did you know that my studio works on solar energy?

No priers

What I really like about live online yoga is that you don’t have to leave the house. There is no hassle with rain, cold, wind or traffic jams. And if your day suddenly turns out differently, you never have to miss your class, because you can always participate at a time that suits you best.

And there is always room. And enough too. You do not have to worry that you are suddenly looking at the butt cheeks of the person in front of you. Or smell sweat… You can do live online yoga in a place that you find really relaxed, for example from home or at your holiday address, always with the guidance of a certified yoga teacher.

“Because the only thing you need, is you and a good internet connection.”

My first yoga class

In the back of the yoga studio and reluctantly I stood on the mat. Thinking to myself that everyone will be every flexible and think I am an impressively stiff. Not a very strange thought as my body wasn’t really flexible, because a number of major operations made my back and abdominal muscles weak.

At the age of six, a tumour had grown in my backbone that had to be surgically removed through the abdomen to increase the chance of survival. The doctors did a good job because I am still there, but it also brought complications and two scar corrections, spread over a period of ten years. In total, my abdominal muscles have been cut through three times as a whole, making them (very logical) less strong.

After my last surgery, I was advised by the doctor to try yoga because it could enhance my recovery. And following that advice turned out to be a very good choice.

Sense of happiness

For years I thought my body was weak by comparing it with a socially imposed image. The “perfect picture” that nobody can meet. What I have learned with and through yoga is to unbiased accept my body and listen to it carefully. And most important not compare it with others.

Not every yoga pose was pleasant or even possible for me (and some still aren’t), but by adjusting the poses my body became stronger step by step and at the same time my vulnerability developed into a strength. Experiencing that the body is capable of more than expected increases the feeling of happiness. And I want you to experience that feeling too!

That is why I followed a teacher training and became a certified Hatha yoga teacher. In my live online yoga classes your uniqueness is the central theme. That is translated by giving several alternatives for each pose, so that you can determine the intensity of the class and therefore can always come along; regardless of age, physical limitations, being a beginner or advanced yogi.

My classes are an ideal balance between effort and relaxation exercises that ensure that your body feels great and a big smile appears on your face. This is what my yoga classes bring you:

  • Gives the immune system and metabolism a boost: it makes you physically healthier.
  • Increase the flexibility in joints and muscles: you get your natural flexibility back.
  • It strengthens the muscles: your overall posture improves.
  • It helps to clear your mind: you experience more peace and relaxation.

Experiencing this feeling of happiness is the driving force behind my company. It is my mission with 100% YOGA to convey this feeling and to inspire you to be your unique, authentic self.

“On the yoga mat I am happiest: free from deadlines, tension, stress and any other hassle that you are not up for.”

As a qualified teacher I have taught in many yoga studios in Amsterdam, New York and Ibiza and I have had two studios of my own in Rijswijk and The Hague. Since 2018 I have made the switch to online. Because I honestly think this is the future. Nowadays we do (almost) everything online with our phones, tablets and / or laptops, so why not yoga!

How live online yoga works

Together with Lucien de Konink of RowOne I developed the technique behind the live online yoga classes. The starting point has been to make it as user-friendly as possible and it indeed works very easily:

  • Through a membership you get access to my online yoga studio. You can open your membership on any device of your choice: telephone, tablet, laptop and even on your TV when it is connected to the internet.
  • You can choose from three different memberships that give you unlimited access to all live online classes and yoga specials. Your membership stop automatically, so you are not tied to anything. Do you want to know more about the membership? Then click here.

The yoga specials are yoga classes of 2 to 25 minutes with yoga poses for a specific purpose, such as this Yoga Summer Body Challenge:

I see, I see, what you don’t see 

During the live classes you can see me, I don’t see you. Still we have live contact via chat which I think is super cool. You can ask your questions via chat and I will answer them directly in class. That is very handy! What is also very useful is the zoom function. While doing a yoga pose I can enlarge the image, giving you an even better view of how to do that pose. This allows you to always come along, even if you have never stood on a yoga mat before. In this video you can see how the zooming in works.

Before I did yoga

I have been a full-time (yoga) entrepreneur since 2018 and before that I had an office job. I finished my professional education as executive secretary at the ROC Zadkine in Spijkenisse with a one-year internship in London and then went straight to work at the age of 18.

My first job was as a secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, department of the Western Hemisphere. This was followed by a few very nice jobs at SecretaryPlus, as DirectTeamer, office manager at Unique Multilingual Services, corporate recuiter at Orange, marketing assistant at Crocs Benelux and, my last office job was at Aegon Nederland as project management officer.

In  2011 I registered 100% YOGA at the Chamber of Commerce and combined teaching with a full-time office job. That meant getting up early in the morning, followed by all day in the office and then straight on to the studio to give several yoga classes in the evening. You understand that at certain point it was a bit too much keep up with. A choice had to be made and I did that with my heart: Goodbye office worker, Hello entrepreneur!


This is by far the most demanding job I have ever had: it’s 24/7 no stop. The to-do list never comes to an end and certainly if you run a business on your own, you can drive yourself mad in no time to keep up with everything. The stories of instant success and 4-hour workdays on the laptop under a palm tree is not the reality.

“Sure I can work from any location and I am not tied to 9 to 5, but with a flower-power YOLO mindset, you won’t make it as entrepreneur.”

You need a good plan to commit to and spend all your time, focus and energy on that if you want a chance to succeed. It is hard work, very hard work and time after time changes, because that is the only thing that is consistent. Although long-term focusing is not my strength as I have ADD, entrepreneurship suits me well and step by step my company is conquering its place in the yoga industry.

Three special highlights

Since my choice in 2018 of becoming an entrepreneurship full-time, there have been many special moments. This is my top three:

  • The many writing and vlogging are bearing fruit: my website has been awared Best Yoga Blog 2019 in the Netherlands and Belgium by international lifestyle brand Ana Heart. Click here to view my blog page.
  • I have lived in beautiful The Hague for over 10 years and am honored that 100% YOGA is awarded as an official The Hague Treasure sinds 2018.
  • In May 2018 I was interviewed by the national magazine Vrouw of Telegraaf about being beautiful with a scar.

Behind the scenes

Below a few nice facts about me that have nothing to do with yoga:

  • In addition to 100% YOGA, I have a second company called OnlineFitCompany that focuses on the vitality of office workers.
  • After my divorce I thought that love wasn’t for me and then I met Jeroen. He is absolutely fantastic and I am really happy to spent my life with this handsome man.
  • One little yoga thing: I got Jeroen, completely voluntarily of course, into yoga. He shares his experiences on his Insta account yogi.experience.
  • We live in The Hague in a wonderful corner apartment, 10 minutes’ walk from Kijkduin beach. Where I take a walk almost every day.
  • I like to write (despite being dyslexic) and have written a children’s book till the age of 7. The book is exclusively available at bol.com and is called “Het Avontuur van Sim”.
  • I also like to read; from magazines to books to useful and useless but fun facts. For example, did you know that your foot is the same length as your forearm? Try ?

I am Esther Schippers and this is my (yoga) story. I hope you have read it with a smile on your face and I have stimulated your curiosity about yoga and live online yoga classes. I invite you to experience yoga. Start at the beginning and allow yourself to have seven days of unlimited live online yoga with the Namasté Membership.

I am looking forward to do online yoga together with you; ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

Do you have questions about yoga of about the above bio? Let me know and contact me.
I enjoy hearing from you!